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Home of the Hornets

Our school is named after Lt. Gen. William S. Harney, a commander of the Vancouver Barracks who owned land in the area.

The very first Harney school was erected in 1890 to serve the 200 children who lived east of the barracks. This school was a wooden two-story structure with a belfry. The bell now stands in front of the current-day Harney.

In 1914, a parent-teacher association was formed in order to help fundraise for library books and textbooks.

In 1922, a second Harney was built just south of the original building. During the Depression, a parent-teacher organization helped open a cafeteria to serve food.

During the war years of the 1940s, the school experienced overcrowding with the influx of shipyard workers’ families. The school double-shifted classes to accommodate students.

Construction to replace the 1922 structure began in the 1965-66 school year.

Other notable history

August 1991—A campaign begins to establish computer learning centers at several elementary schools, including Harney.

February 1994—Voters pass a bond measure that funds a rebuild of Harney Elementary School.

1996—The current-day Harney opens and is dedicated.

September 1999—Harney’s fourth-graders are chosen for the I have a Dream program in Southwest Washington. They are the third class to be selected in district.

September 2008—The Spanish Immersion Program begins at Harney with two kindergarten classes.

2010—The school’s Family-Community Resource Center opens.